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Volcano Vaporizer

Volcano Vaporizer

What is the Volcano Vaporizer?

The Volcano vaporizer is a desktop vaporizer that releases vapors into the air in a controlled manner. The convection heating within the Volcano vaporizer ensures that the oils you put in are evenly outputted, which in turn results in superior flavor coming out of the vaporizer. The Volcano vaporizer is small, compact, and easy to use, and gives you all the benefits of your chosen oil or wax mixture without any of the hassle. The Volcano vaporizer comes in two models: the Volcano digital vaporizer and the Volcano vaporizer classic. Both have the same basic design, but read differently and perform differently from one another. In this Volcano vaporizer review, we will go over the pros and cons of each type of Volcano vaporizer to help you make a better informed purchasing decision.


The Volcano Vaporizer Classic

The first of its kind, and the flagship vaporizer from Storz and Bickel. This Volcano vaporizer is shaped as you might expect - a small desktop volcano made of metal. On its face you will see an analog dial much like you might see on an old TV or a guitar amplifier. This is a simple and effective method for turning up your Volcano vaporizer to the desired temperature. You will also see two lights; one is red, and the other is green. The red light indicates heat, whereas the green light indicates air flow. There is also the yellow “control” light, which is your indicator that the Volcano Classic is ready to use. These lights serve as visual indicators as to what your Volcano is doing.

Using the Volcano Classic will be familiar to a lot of people. Dials are a very tactile way to control temperature, but they aren’t always accurate. The Volcano Vaporizer Classic also does not possess many features that the Digital version does, such as an auto-shut off and a readable display. However, this does not mean that the Classic is not easy to use.


Parts (Classic)

The Volcano Vaporizer Classic utilizes several parts to give you the vapor you want. These Volcano vaporizer parts include:


  • The body of the vaporizer (or the “chamber”)
  • The mouthpiece, which either utilizes the easy or solid valves to fill your bag.
  • An analog dial with which to adjust temperature (ranging between 266℉ and 439℉)
  • “Heat” switch, which turns the Volcano on and off
  • “Air” switch, which vaporizes your chosen material within the chamber
  • “Control” light, which indicates that the Volcano has reached your desired temperature
  • Volcano vaporizer bags, which hold the vapor.


Pros and Cons (Classic)



  • Simple and familiar; the analog dial is really tactile and feels great between the fingers
  • Easy to use, easy to clean
  • Takes up very little space on any surface


  • Takes a while to heat up
  • No temperature display, which requires some knowledge of what numbers translate to what temperatures
  • No auto-shut off. Remember to flip the “Heat” switch off when you’re done!



The Volcano Digital Vaporizer

Like the analog counterpart, the more modern Volcano vaporizer Storz and Bickel has put out features upgrades to their already near-flawless design. Featuring a digital display that not only displays your desired temperature, but also the current temperature within the Volcano vaporizer. The two green buttons on the side, labelled “+” and “-”, are used to adjust the temperature. However, despite the differences between both the Digital and Classic volcano vaporizer, they are still the same product.

This may come as a bit of a turn-away for some vapor users, however many  people enjoy the added convenience that the Volcano Digital Vaporizer gives. Not only does it allow for lower temperatures than the classic, but it also features a handy auto shut off that prevents you from burning your chosen vapor ingredient if you forget to turn it off.


Parts (Digital)

You will find that the parts for the Volcano Digital Vaporizer do not differ much from the Classic. There is still the volcano chamber, as well as the mouthpiece that accepts either the easy or the solid valves to fill your volcano vaporizer bags. The only difference between the two is that the Volcano Digital Vaporizer features a digital display and buttons instead of an analog dial with which to adjust temperature.



  • Still the same, easy to use design, without too much deviation from the original product. What fits in the Classic should fit in the Digital
  • Auto shut-off.
  • Digital display makes things easy to read, and even easier to adjust your temperature.


  • Essentially it is the same product as the Classic, though perhaps a little more expensive
  • Air pump is loud and distracting



How to use Volcano Vaporizer 


1. BEFORE YOU BEGIN: Sterilize your Volcano.

  • Set you Volcano Vaporizer to max temperature and let it run. Put the empty filling chamber on top, then press the air button. This will blow hot steam up through all the parts of your Volcano. Let this run for three minutes, and then you’re ready to begin.


2. Set your temperature and turn on the heat.

  • This is the step that takes the longest, as the Volcano vaporizer takes as long as 5 minutes to fully reach your desired temperature.


3. Fill up the filling chamber with your chosen ingredient.

  • With both the Classic and the Digital, you only really need about half a gram of anything to get a good vapor. However, you can put about half an inch worth of ingredients into the Solid Valve’s chamber. Grind your reagents first to get the most efficient vaporizing process.


4. Wait for the control light to turn off.

  • Once the Volcano Vaporizer is ready to use, the control light will turn off. Take the small cap for the filling chamber and put it over your ingredients, and place the whole filling chamber over the Volcano Vaporizer.


5. Attach the Vaporizer bag to the valve

  • Put the Volcano vaporizer bag onto either the solid or easy valve system, and then snap the valve onto your filling chamber to finalize preparations for your vapor.


6. Turn on the air, and wait for your bag to fill with vapor.

  • Once you turn on the air switch, it will be a short while before your bag is ready and filled with vapor. However, the wait will be worth it, as the convection type heating from the Volcano Vaporizer ensures optimal taste and scent.


Buy the Volcano Vaporizer

When you buy Volcano Vaporizer classic or the Volcano Vaporizer digital, you are getting some of the best vapor on the market right now. It’s simple, easy to use, and you will get years of constant use out of it. The kits are straightforward, and you require no tools to get started. The Volcano Vaporizer is also small, fits on any flat surface, and on the whole is very convenient for anyone in the vapor community. Inquire as to where to buy volcano vaporizer systems and volcano vaporizer parts at your local vapor store, or look online.