Vape Pen Buying Guide

Vaping is becoming a real trend and vape pens are overflowing the market, however picking the best vape pen can be a challenging task, especially if you are a beginner. Follow this guide to learn what a vape pen is, how they work and what kind of vape pen would suit you best.

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Dry herb pens and Oil pens

Before picking your first vape pen starter kit there are several basic things you need to look out for. The first one is deciding between dry herb pens and liquid concentrations. With dry herbs you get blends that can contain nicotine, however, they can also be without nicotine. The non-nicotine options are usually made from the dried leaves of different kinds of fruit.

Liquid concentrations, on the other hand, are made either from vegetable glycerin or from propylene glycol. Nicotine and flavors are added to these concentrations, which are widely known as e-juice or e-liquid. You are the ones that pick how much nicotine your concentration will have and it usually goes somewhere between 0% and 4.8%.

Vape pen atomizers, clearomizers, and cartomizers
In order to use the vape pen, you will need a heating element that is used to vaporize the dry herbs or the concentrations. There are several heating elements that can be used; however, these three are the most popular ones:

Clearomizersvape pen battery

An atomizer is essentially a metal coil which is used to vaporize the liquid. There are different kinds of atomizers and some of them offer little wicks that will help you control how much liquid is allowed to reach the coil. Thanks to this, you will get a smooth and clean pull, avoiding chocking due to a strong hit. The best vape pens, or rather the best oil vape pens usually have these kinds of atomizers.

There is another type of atomizers that works by pouring the liquid directly on the coils, which is known as “dripping. This is useful if you plan to have short vaping sessions and if you don’t mind refilling the atomizer all the time the dripping atomizer will be the right choice for you. This type of atomizer is really useful if you plan on trying different liquid flavors within one vaping session. Keep in mind though, that if you want to use your oil vape pen during the whole day a better option would be an atomizer that can be connected to a small tank which will hold more liquid, enough for several sessions.

Clearomizers are very similar to atomizers, except for the fact that they are transparent, so you could actually see how much vape juice you have in your pen. They are made out of three types of coil, a top coil, a bottom coil and multiple coils. Some of the best vape pens have clearomizers that allow you to switch out these coils, giving you a customizable experience. Additionally, you can replace aging coils, so you can continue getting full vape hits without having to replace the whole vape pen.

Picking the type of coil will depend on what kind of vaping experience you prefer. For example, if you prefer a warmer vapor, then a top coil will work better for you. The top coil is naturally closer to the atomizer which is why it produces a warmer vapor. It is also very easy to fill out an oil vape pen that has this design; all it takes is adding more juice directly to the coil.

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Contrary to the top coil, the bottom coil produces cooler vapor that doesn’t burn your throat. However, it is a bit harder to refill because you have to take the whole atomizer apart in order to add more juice. If you do prefer cool vapor then using a bottom coil is a very good option.

The multiple coils give you the best of both worlds, cool vapor with a strong throat hit. This type of coil is good for experienced vapors, however, it takes some time to refill and it also spends more energy, since it has more coils. The additional energy it spends will drain your battery and you will have to fill it between charges.

Whether you are using a dry herb vape pen or an oil vape pen, you must have heard about cartomizers, or even used them. There have been different vape pen mods through the years and cartomizers were one of the first ones. They are a bit outdated compared to the others, especially clearomizers, however, they are still being used and they still offer some benefits.

The way cartomizers work is very similar to other atomizers. They have a coil that vaporizes the liquid in a little tank. There is one big difference though and it is that they don’t have wicks located in the tanks, but they are filled with a material called poly-fil.

Poly-fil is used to absorb the liquid during the vaping session. This can be bad because the material holds leftover residue from the juice. It won’t be a problem if you use the same flavor of e-juice; however, if you like to mix it up then it will be an issue because the leftovers from your previous session will taint the new flavor you want to try. Another bad side to the cartomizer is that it is more difficult to fill than any other atomizer or clearomizer. The only way to use a full tank is to dismantle the whole thing and then fill it up.

There are however some good things that come with a cartomizer. The atomizer is located inside the cartomizer and the whole thing is connected to the battery. This means that you don’t have to switch out any aging parts, but you can switch the whole thing. Since it’s not expensive to buy them a lot of people prefer a cartomizer design to avoid fumbling with little coils. To add to that, cartomizer designs will give you some very cheap vape pens, compared to atomizers and clearomizers.

Vape pen mouthpieces

When deciding between using a dry herb vape pen, and choosing between an atomizer, clearomizer or cartomizer for your oil vape pen, the decision is based on the advantages and disadvantages of the above-mentioned elements. However, when it comes to vape pen mouthpieces the choice mostly falls on personal preference.

Picking a mouthpiece will depend on the way you want to inhale the vapor and of course whether you want to make a fashion statement with your vape pen. The most common way of separating mouthpieces is by putting them in these three groups: stem mouthpieces, flexible stem mouthpieces, and solid valve lip pieces.

Stem mouthpieces are the most common ones and they extend at least an inch from the vape pen. This will give the vapor enough time to cool a bit before it reaches your throat. These pieces also give your lips a lot of room and you don’t have to force a blunt end into your mouth. You can relax and casually use the stem; it is also easier to clean when you are using it together with friends.

Flexible stem mouthpieces are practically the same thing as the regular ones. The only difference is that these mouthpieces are made from a flexible plastic material that allows you to adjust the mouthpiece, making it more comfortable for you. A lot of people agree that the best vape pens are the ones that you use with a flexible stem mouthpiece. Thanks to it you get a much more enjoyable experience.

Solid valve lip pieces are a design that is much shorter in comparison to a stem mouthpiece. With them, you get a much hotter steam, so people who enjoy a warmer throat should look into them. The one downside they have is the fact that they are not the best option if you want to share a vape with your friends. The shortness of the stem allows a lot of saliva to collect around the opening, making it harder to clean.

On top of these 3 main groups you can also get a metal mouthpiece which is very durable, however, it gets way to hot during long sessions. Last but not least we have the decorative mouthpieces. If you want to spend a few extra dollars on the mouthpiece in order to create a really fancy vape pen then you should check out some of the decorative options.

dry herb pensKeep in mind that you will also be picking between plastic stems and glass stems. For a starter, a plastic stem would be better because it’s not expensive, it’s easy to clean and it is very soft when you use it. Most cheap vape pens usually have plastic stems. The glass stems, on the other hand, have higher quality and they are cleaner, which is why they are more expensive. One bad side to them is the fact that they get hot during long vaping sessions.

Vape pen batteries

All vape pens have to use batteries which give power to the atomizer. There are lots of types of batteries on the market and picking the right one is very important. You can’t have the best vape pen without a good battery.

First, we have the USB vape pen batteries. They have a USB opening and you can recharge them by connecting the battery to an outlet adapter or even a computer. Keep in mind charging can take a couple of hours so make sure you pick the battery that suits your need.

On the other side, we have removable vape pen batteries. The benefit of using these kinds of batteries is that you can have extra batteries that you can put in when yours loses power, meaning you can use your vape pen all the time, you don’t have to wait for the battery to charge up.