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How to Use a Dab Pen?

how to use dab pen

There are many different types of wax vaporizer pens on the market and here is an overview of how to use a dab pen. Dab pen vaporizers are small portable devices that allow you to vape wax on the go. Dab pens do not require a large heating chamber due to the small amount of wax required compared to dry herbs which keeps dab pens much smaller and desecrate.

The first thing you should do is turn on and make sure the heating coil is working because the last thing you want to do is load a vape pen that is not working and waste the wax.


How to fill a vape pen:

Next you want to gather a small amount of wax with the dab tool and place it in the heating chamber. Some suggest using .1 - .2 grams of wax. Place the wax concentrate onto the heating coil, but be very careful not to damage the fragile coil in the wax atomizer. Fortunately, if the coil breaks you can browse our vape pen replacement parts section and find what you need. Do not overfill the dab pen atomizer because too much will not burn and you will be left with a sticky mess all over your heating coil.

how to use dab pen


Smoking wax in vape pen:

One you turn the power on your dab pen the wax will start melting unless there is an issue. Be ready to take a draw because the wax concentrate heats very quickly. Use variable voltage batteries with caution because they might fry your heating coils if too much power is used. Now after a couple draws use your dab tool to clean the sides of the atomizer for another hit. 

Crumble wax and shatter wax are a bit more difficult to vape because they are harder to maneuver. You’ll need to use a smaller piece of crumble wax to place it on the heating coil.

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